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About Us


Welcome to Mae-Lynne Makers Studio, and thanks for stopping by. We’re Carol & Chris LeRoy the new owners of the business previously called “Nelsonville Quilt Company”.  Our passion for quilting and crafts inspired us to purchase the business from Susan and Fred Holmes and leverage their success to promote, supply, and grow this dedicated community in the Ohio Region.

Our journey started back in 1984 when Carol and I met while attending Hocking Technical College here in Nelsonville - and we’ve been together ever since. An avid quilter for over thirty years, Carol is proud that she learned the finer art and techniques of quilting from my grandmother Frieda. I’ve enjoyed watching Carol pursue her passion and hone her quilting & crafting skills over the years. As a Professional Land Surveyor, I haven’t been able to commit the time to participate directly with Carol’s outstanding creative skills, however, have come to appreciate the benefits of her efforts during winter hibernations.

Our passion for history, heritage, folk art and preserving tradition are central to our soul. We believe deeply in honoring the legacy of those who came before us, and that hard work, honesty, and common-sense guide our happy lives. To encourage the art of quilting we will be expanding the business service offerings and providing classes and educational events to inspire all skill levels. We have additional plans and ideas as well, so stay in touch with us in-store, on Facebook and Instagram.

The new store “Mae-Lynne Makers Studio” is named after our granddaughters Addie Mae and Sophia Lynne Spicer. Our red bird on the spool of thread logo will always remind us of Grandma as they were hands down her favorite visitors to her feeders. When we met Grandma’s friends after her passing, they shared stories that in addition to quilts, she helped make wedding dresses and other clothing for important events in her Kentucky community. Seeking ways to serve others with generosity, patience, and love is truly a wonderful and common trait amongst quilters & sewer’s. We will honor Grandma’s legacy by passing these skills down to our grandchildren when they are ready to carry the torch and believe that she would be pleased and proud of our passion and accomplishments.

If you have questions , want to see and purchase quilts supplies and more handmade surprises, or just want to swap ideas and stories with Carol, please stop down to the store to say hello.  We’re in the southeast quadrant of Ohio in the small historic town of Nelsonville, nestled in the Wayne National Forest along State Route 33. Nelsonville is home to Hocking College, the Hocking Valley Railway, and Rocky Boots. We are just fifteen minutes North of Ohio University in Athens and about an hour South of The Ohio State University in Columbus.

If you can’t make it to the store, check out our great selection of supplies and products in our online store.

This family tradition will be passed down for generations to come, so welcome to the family and help us preserve and expand the quilting traditions.


Respect & Love,

Chris & Carol